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Leading for Learning: Reflective Tools for School and District Leaders


"This 32-page, research-based report draws on the knowledge and field experiences of more than 300 educators, scholars, and other professionals and presents a clear and compelling case for the links between leadership and learning. Through key ideas, real examples, and thought-provoking questions, the report shows that leaders can be more effective when they work to improve student learning, enhance professional learning, and build system wide supports for all participants' learning. The report details five ways in which school and district leaders sensitive to local goals and conditions can advance these three agendas."

This report is a summary of a lengthier document (112 pages), "Leading for Learning Sourcebook: Concepts and Examples," also available on the CTP site. This companion piece discusses the ideas of the summary in greater depth and offers more examples to illustrate the ideas in practice, including four annotated longitudinal cases. It also gives examples of leaders using these ideas and tools for assessment, planning, and teaching.

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